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NMEA to CSV Converter Tool

Want to work with the data you've logged from your GPS and other instruments? This tool will read in a file of NMEA sentences, decode them, and output them to a CSV file which can then easily be read into a spreadsheet or database for analysis.

Data is output with one field per column, and one row per NMEA sentence. Values are unchanged, but where necessary reformatted to make things easier. For example, dates and times are reformatted so they are understood by Excel, positions are changed to decimal degrees, and angles denoted as E/W or Left/Right are changed to signed numbers.

At present NMEA0183 V2 through to V4 are supported, and the following sentences: DPT, GLL, HDG, MTW, MWV, RMB, RMC, VHW, VLW and VWR. If you wsh to have support for additional sentences, please let us know.

This tool is available for free download.

System requirements: Windows XP or later.